About Us

Welcome to Spelled Out Tarot. We are Cristine Yu and Alexander Freeman. We have blue nose pit named Lottie, and a tuxedo cat named Wesker. Alexander is a travel nurse and during his free time makes beep boops on his synthesizers. When Cristine isn't managing the business she is playing piano or thinking about snacks. 

The Spelled Out Tarot deck was designed to share our love of tarot with the world. Learning tarot is difficult. The distractions of guides and phones to look up the meaning of a card detracts from the real magic of tarot, which is the reader's intuition and insight.

Development of the Spelled Out Tarot started during the height of the Covid pandemic to address the challenges of learning tarot that would allow those interested in developing their intuition an accessible way of learning tarot. We hope that our tarot deck offers a source of light and understanding to the world.

Connect with us on social media and share your own journey into the world of tarot. If you have any questions or would like to reach out you can connect with us at oracle@spelledouttarot.com.

Thank you for coming to our shop, and happy reading!